Hello, I’m Batman. No wait… that’s my other job. My name is Rosemary. I’m a twenty-to-thirty-something *coughs loudly* writer, copywriter and poet by day, and a fashion and beauty blogger by night.

I’m also a slightly-better-than-average photographer, an avid consumer of anime and horror movies, I drink entirely too much coffee and spend way too much time obsessing over my eyebrows.

I started this blog because my brain never shuts up and all my friends are tired of hearing me talk. JK, I love to write about beauty, lifestyle and fashion, and occasionally about cool places I’ve been, so this corner is a chance for me to share my passion, my tips and my sense of style with the world.

As you can probably tell, I enjoy any excuse to talk about myself (typical Leo). Fun facts: I’m also a bit of a Disney nerd, I play the cello and my favourite food is cheese.

I am currently living my best life in Sydney, Australia, but I’m originally from a small town near the Hunter Valley called Wollombi. Oh, and my background is Irish and Aboriginal (for some reason people find that interesting).

I used to work in print magazines – specifically fashion and beauty mags – which is likely where my aesthetics obsession originated. I also have my publishing career to thank for my knowledge of retouching, my snappy copy *and* for teaching my the difference between a raglan and a grown-on sleeve. Since nobody asked, bad puns make me laugh and occasionally I read the dictionary for fun.

I’m also only 5’4” but that’s probably irrelevant.

And for balance, here’s a list of things I suck at:
1. I’m terrible at most sports – hand-eye coordination is not my strong suit.
2. I never mastered cooking – even though I love eating (thankfully someone invented Uber eats and my bae can cook. Hooray!)
3. I also can’t sneeze with my eyes open – but I heard that was bad for you anyway, so call it a win.

Ok, now go read something else, the spotlight is burning my forehead.